Lite Edition


Starter edition for environments that have basic automation needs.

Standard Edition


Suitable for many environments that have a signficant amount of automation needs.

Enterprise Edition


For advanced environments that want the full power of SQLAutomate. Full UI functionality with advanced views. Additional ability to distribute Windows scripts and executables to other computers with the Remote Agents.

See Pricing for licensing details
SQLAutomate Editions
Feature Lite Standard Enterprise
  • Unlimited number of Steps
  • Maximum of 100 Steps
  • Maximum of 20 Steps
  • Jobs -- used for ordered execution of Steps
  • Server Groups that allow a SQL statement to be executed across any number of SQL instances
  • Advanced flexible scheduling capabilities
  • Current status to show what is running or scheduled to run in the current day
  • History with charting
    • Roll based security
      • Error detection and recovery so you know if your processing ran successfully
      • Reporting view
      • Dashboard and Tile view
      • Diagram view
      • Ability to use Remote Agent to distribute Windows executables and scripts to other computers
      • Computer Groups can be used with Remote Agents to help distribute and load balance processing
      • .NET programmatic interface