To be a leading provider of database automation tools for Database Administrators and others responsible for the day-to-day efficiency of their database platforms.


SQLAutomate is provided by OnLine ToolWorks Corporation.  OnLine ToolWorks  was founded in 2006 to provide custom developed system tools, superior project management and software development consulting services. We dedicated our services and customization to a few, large corporate accounts. OnLine ToolWorks provides the industry leading Windows automation solution SmartBatch (more information is available at http://www.onlinetoolworks.com). The award winning SmartBatch product  has help hundreds of companies with a genernalized Windows automation soution.  OnLine ToolWorks is committed to providing superior products to help companies automate their environments both domestically in the United States and internationally. SQLAutomate is the latest automation product from OnLine Toolworks focusing on SQL database automation for products such as: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other major database platforms.