• SQLAutomate

    A tool for Database Administrators that schedules jobs and handles other automation tasks.
    For SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other major database products.

  • An affordable solution for database professionals

    Works with Express Editions, Standard, Enterprise, etc.
    Supports SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, et al.
    Easy to learn, easy to use, and powerful
    + and much more
  • Flexibility and Power
    From the simpliest of Jobs to the most complex...

Easy to Install, Easy to Setup

Create a Step with a Schedule and Target database. You can do it all in less than 5 minutes. See the getting started videos.

Flexible Scheduling

Run a job once a day or every minute within a day. Flexible scheduling options are available to process your automation steps. For example: daily, weekly, monthly, days of the week, days of the month, calendar days.


Support for database events, file based events (file attributes changed, file created, file does not exist, etc.) and job chaining. Jobs can be triggered based off of a query result. Jobs can be triggered by file events rather than being based on a schedue.

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Looking for a Job Agent for SQL Server Express?

You can now choose or stick with SQL Server Express (free edition from Microsoft) for more sophisticated applications. SQLAutomate works with all editions of SQL Server

(and other database platforms) including the express edition.

SQLAutomate provides the job automation functionality you need to use SQL Server Express for robust powerful applications.

Free Product Evaluation

You can use SQLAutomate with no limitations for 30 days for free? Product pricing starts at $99.  You download from the link below.


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SQLAutomate is an advanced database automation solution for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 or other advanced database management system. It provides the ability to manage the necessary repetitive DBMS maintenance to help keep your databases efficient over time. SQLAutomate makes it easy to manage a single database server instance, hundreds or even thousands of instances. It significantly reduces the amount of hours a database administrator or engineer will need to effectively manage their environments. Once the DBA/DBE team realizes the utility of SQLAutomate it will become an integral tool for their job.

SQLAutomate is very easy to install, easy to use and easy to purchase.
SQL Server provides an Express Edition that does not provide an automation Agent.

You can now automate these Express or any database instances very effectively with SQLAutomate.
With SQLAutomate you can maintain your databases so that they perform optimally. Run maintenance jobs, application jobs, backups, archiving and other important tasks.
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SQLAutomate is available for free download now. You must Register first and then use the download link.

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